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Secondary crystallization of halite caused by mining activity, Salt mine Wieliczka.
Specimen 19 cm wide.
Sphaerosiderite with fossils. Łuków.
Specimen 9cm high.

Zinc and lead ore mine -
"Pomorzany" near Olkusz.
Specimen - 18cm
Morion - type of quartz with black or almost black colour. Strzegom. Specimen 20cm high.

Agat - Rudno near Cracow. Top -
chalcedony pseudostalactite, bottom -
uruguay type agate, bottom - agate
mossy. Specimen - 6cm.)
Agate - Rudno. Specimen - 4cm.

Mossy agate - Rudno. Specimen - 6cm.
Agate - Rudno. Top - the so called "infiltration channel ". Specimen - 5,5cm.

Agate - Zabierzów near Cracow. Found in
after glacier material, clear signs of coating
are evidence of long transportation.
Specimen - 7cm.
Agate - Rudno. Separated zones unlikely shaped. Specimen - 8cm.

Ammonite - Parawedekindia arduennensis. Jurassic - Lower Oxford, ca. 160mln years. Zalas near Cracow.
On the right: snail - Pleurotomaria. On the left: mollusc - Pecten, Brown Jurassic - Callovian. Zalas near Cracow.

Sulphur crystals, calcite - Machów.
Thermal smite in slates - porphyry quarry in Miękinia.

Gypsum coloured with iron oxides. Copper ores mine - "Rudna" near Lubin.
Two generations of calcite, first with foliate profile, second scalenohedrons covered with fine quartz crystals. Alwernia.
Specimen - 7cm.

Piece of dripstone coating - Jaskinia Piętrowa Szczelina near Mirów. Layers of a fine-crystalline calcite undergone recrystallisation. Primary lamination partially preserved.
Specimen - 25cm.
Stalagmite - Jaskinia Ciemna, Prądnik Valley.
Bottom - limestone boulder, above alternate layers of a light fine-crystalline calcite and carbonaceous laminas (traces of fire used by a prehistoric man in a cave). Specimen - 22cm.

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