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Collecting mineralogical and geological structures has many years of tradition. The collections gathered has quenched curiosity and the wish to get to know unusual occurences. The development of mining and geologic schooling brought about necessity to posses didactic collections.

Meteoryt kamienny Meteorite stone, peridot and bronzite chondrit (H5).
Pułtusk - fallen on 30.12.1868 at 19.00. The original specification of the exhibit made by a professional company with over 160 years of experience. Exhibit - 4 cm.


Collection and completion of geologic findings started along with foundation of AGH University of Science and Technology (1919) and foundation of Faculty of General Geology and Palaeontology (1920), chaired by Prof. Dr Walery Goetl. First, Jagiellonian University Geologic Office as well as Jagiellonian University Faculty of Palaeontology were hospitable enough to provide their rooms for exhibitions until the end of academic year 1924/25. Then, lectures and exercises were held in departmental rooms at 18 Loretańska street. Assistants E. Panow and A. Niewiestin were responsible for colecting rocks and fossils. New exhibits were added by Prof. Dr W. Goetl from numerous trips, among others, from the Alps and Iceland. In the academic year 1925/26 a formal division into Faculty of General Geology on one hand, and Faculty of Palaeontology, on the other one, was made. In year 1930/31 there was an important change in the workimg conditions of Faculty of General Geology. New premises at 30 Al. Mickiewicza made it possible to start international exchange of geological collections. The outbreak of war in 1939 and location of occupant government in the building resulted in loofting and partial demolition of the building. In 1940 Prof. Dr W. Goetl received the occupants' permission to set up the School of Mining, Steelwork and Measurement at the premises of Mining Academy in Podgórze. This made it possible for Dr E. Panew to organise and complete geologic collections. In the post-war period, thanks to a great effort from E. Panow, a beginning form of geologic museum was set up at Faculty of General Geology I. It included exhibits of dynamic geology, palaeontology, stratigraphy and regional geology.
Widok ogólnyGeologia dynamiczna
Archival photos. Collections from Faculty of General Geology. 1952

When Prof. Dr W. Goetl retired in 1961, the chairman of the faculty was appointed H. Świdziński. The premises changed as well. In the place of the ground floor rooms, including exhibition hall, the main building's second floor rooms were occupied. Many exhibition cabinets were put in the hall. In 1965, with Prof. Dr hab. Kamila Skoczylas-Ciszewska as the dean, the Committee for Building Geological Museum was founded with Prof. Dr inz. Józef Poborski as a chairperson.

The museum was reorganised:

  • mining and geological faculties were asked to help collect exhibits,
  • frame and detailed scenario of exhibition was prepared,
  • interior design and cabinets' design were made,
  • graphic boards and dinosaurs' figures were made,
  • exhibition lighting was installed,
  • glass wall cabinets with inside lighting were installed.
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